What are these Training and Outreach Materials?

These online training materials provide access to tailor-made and carefully chosen training videos on topics PYLP Leaders are trained on: Disaster Risk Reduction Management, Digital Citizenship, Leadership, Design Thinking, American High School Experience, Peace Building, Public Speaking, and Social Media. The videos were created by PYLP Training Facilitators, educators and reviewed content creators and organizations online.

These courses are available to take individually or as a group. You are expected to create a Blog on Google Blogger to publish your course series completed tasks, and to share your new knowledge, experiences and perspectives for each lesson with your PYLP coach/mentor in a more creative way.

All courses are available in English. Click here to participate in the training series.

For Coaches and Mentors

Each Lesson has the following sections:

Learner Tasks and Learning Outcomes: These are statements of what students should complete on their own, with a team and with their community. These are also the learning outcomes learners attain in the series.

Video Presentation: Every lesson in the series has a brief video presentation. Learners are expected to watch the presentation.

For Learners

You are expected to work with a PYLP Alumni in your community. They will act as your mentor and coach.

Work with your Mentor or Coach to complete the tasks listed under the section, “What are your tasks and learning outcomes.” This section is divided into three tasks:

ON YOUR OWN: These are tasks you are expected to do independent from your team.

WITH YOUR TEAM: These are tasks you do in collaboration with your team.

WITH YOUR COMMUNITY: These are tasks you implement to include members of your community.

YOU are the PYLP of the Future! YOU have influence!