PYLP 16 On the Move in Mindanao!

PYLP is really a great venue for a leader to learn more about the American culture and to hone their leadership skills. As a fresh PYLP alumna, I could say that PYLP really fosters strong relationship between Americans and Filipinos because of the 2 weeks stay with our Host Family, Intercultural exchange with Americans especially with the Huntley High School Students, and tours. It also helped me to bring out the better version of myself as a leader because of the different sessions we had that really made me think outside the box (it empowers you, it really engages you to your community). Lastly, PYLP will really give you the best summer (since it happens every April – May ) and experience of your life because they will truly give you a quality learning about leadership and American cultures and they will bring you to different beautiful places of America.

Francis Anne L. Belano Youth Participant, North Cotabato

PC: Henna Sarip, PYLP16 Adult Leader