Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

The Philippine Youth Leadership Program (PYLP) is funded by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and the U.S. Department of State youth exchange programs that empower young people and establish long-lasting ties between the United States and other countries through student exchange programs and institutional partnerships.

The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) designs and implements educational, professional, and cultural exchange and other programs that create and sustain the mutual understanding with other countries necessary to advancing United States foreign policy goals. Under the leadership of Assistant Secretary Marie Royce, ECA programs cultivate people-to-people ties among current and future global leaders that build enduring networks and personal relationships and promote U.S. national security and values. Leadership»

ECA combines its time-tested tools of professional, cultural, and academic exchanges with innovation and technology that expand audience reach and impact. The Bureau continually looks at ways to develop new and more cost-effective models for its programs and uses virtual exchanges, alumni engagement, cultural heritage protection and preservation, and rapid-response mechanisms to respond nimbly to U.S. foreign policy priorities. ECA is also constantly cultivating new audiences in order to get the best return on investment for U.S. taxpayers, and stay in front of an ever-changing world.

To learn more about ECA’s exchange programs and initiatives visit our websites:

Alumni.state.gov: Provides resources and networking opportunities for past and current participants of U.S. government-sponsored exchange programs.

AmericanEnglish.state.gov: Offers materials and resources for English teachers and students to use both inside and outside of the classroom.

Exchanges.state.gov: A search engine for ECA-sponsored exchange program opportunities for both domestic and foreign audiences.

J1visa.state.gov: Hosts information, including rules and regulations, for J-1 Exchange Visitor Program participants, sponsors, host families, and employers.

EducationUSA.state.gov: Features information for international students about studying in the United States. For U.S. higher education professional, the website also hosts recruitment and resources for meeting campus internationalization goals.

ECA.state.gov: Highlights the Bureau’s history, impact, leadership, and key initiatives. Also includes communications guidance and resources for press and recipient organizations.

CulturalProperty.state.gov: Presents photo guides for import restricted cultural objects. The guides illustrate the types of items that cannot enter the U.S. without proper documentation, such as an export certificate.

StudyAbroad.state.gov: Aggregates foreign and U.S. government-sponsored resources and financial aid resources for U.S. students interested in studying abroad.

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