Project Weaving Documentary

” The PYLP training is priceless! Implementing my project was the ultimate victory of the program; i.e to collaborate with stakeholders in fostering their rich indigenous heritage and together, leading the community to a sustainable future. ” Emil Cid, PYLP16, Adult Leader

Here are some words from Emil:

The team was able to film the mini-documentary last July 28, 2019 at Sitio Lamana in Barangay Kibalabag.

It was a complete experience for me to visit a village where I got to encounter another culture of Bukidnon. We rode using habal-habal and was able to see scenic Bukidnon Mountains which I have never seen before. The team was led by Ma’am Lori Marte, one of the Tagolwanen Women Weavers Association founders, and together with the weavers and the videographer.

We went to the plantation (Sudsuran) the raw material used for weaving and captured how they harvest and trek going to the site. Also, I was taught by the weavers how to harvest the plant and enjoyed so much. It was very fun talking while going to the site at the same time experienced their daily routine.

After, we interviewed one of the oldest weavers in the Tagolwanen-Bukidnon community and was able to learn from her many things from her obstacles to her victories. We then headed to another training site of the weavers and filmed how they came up with beautiful designs and patterns.