What is the pylp Corps of Discovery?

This training is about Pagpupunyagi, Persistence, Canoeing the Mountains. It is divided into five training expeditions:

1.      Bringing your own Map – to include topics related to personal identity, personal leadership, personal purpose and personal care. 

2.     Leading off the Map – to explore other concepts and perspectives on our themes used by other programs and organizations, e.g. environmental education. 

3.     Navigating New territories – to explore innovative leadership, listening in leadership, Social Entrepreneurship, Social advocacy 2021, Disaster Management, etc. 

4.     Relating and Working with Others – to cover topics related to diversity, communication, conflict management, mediation

5.     Ascending into the Mountains – to bring the group together to a week of extended training, on disaster management, Appreciative inquiry, ABCD, and Community Service.