Sport-Based Youth Development

Professor Paul Wright will integrate PYLP participants with a graduate class at NIU that is focused on sport-based youth development. The session will begin at 6pm in Anderson Hall (room 247). First, Dr. Wright will introduce the concept of positive youth development and explain how sport programs can provide an ideal setting to teach transferable life skills (e.g., goal setting, communication skills). The group will then hear a case study of a prominent sport-based youth development program operating in the United States. Following an hour of lecture and discussion, the group will move down to the gymnasium in Anderson Hall for an experiential lesson on how to develop leadership skills through sport programming. PYLP participants will engage in a variety of sport lessons that allow them to observe and/or take on leadership roles. This session will last approximately an hour and will involve heterogeneous groups of PYLP participants and NIU graduate students. The evening will end at approximately 8:30pm after a debrief and check for understanding discussion. This session will address program goals related to social interaction among PYLP participants, leadership development, youth development, and cultural exchange with Americans. 

Themes: Youth Leadership Development 
Understanding and Appreciation of American Culture