Social Media Series 3: What are the Components of Vlogging

Martin Solhaugen and Patrice Averilla are international influencers and YouTubers with millions of views and a combined 500,000+ followers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok, and Twitter.

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“Make contents that are searchable.”


“You need to diversify.”


Who is the Presenter?

Martin, educated with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication at Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu Hawaii, is a filmmaker, YouTuber, and photographer from Oslo, Norway. Together with his fiancé Patrice Averilla, the first female travel vlogger from the Philippines, Martin has been constantly traveling the world in pursuit of cultural and visual expressions. With a big heart for visual storytelling and a unique eye for detail, Martin has worked on global projects for tourism boards, luxury hotels, and high-profile clients.

Together with Patrice, he has traveled extensively around the Philippines, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Peru, Brazil, Costa Rica, New Zealand, France, Norway, Sweden, and many other countries in Europe.

Most recently, Martin and Patrice created content for the UN Internet Governance Forum in 2021. Also, together, they presented an online workshop for our PYLP 17/18.

What is the Presentation About?

Martin said this; “It is not about making everyone love your content, but it is about making those similar to you appreciate your work.”

Consider the following components:
Storytelling: Tell a story and bring others into the video
Consistency: If you have a channel, create a video once a week
Hashtag: Create a searchable and relatable content
Spiderweb: Catching people from different places and connecting each one of them to your platforms
Free Apps: Use these in editing contents
Marketing: Connect all the different platforms
Audience: Know your audience and create content for them

To do the tasks below and accomplish the learning outcomes, please watch this video presentation or watch this via YouTube. You can also visit Martin’s video related to Climate Change and Environmental Preservation here.

What are your tasks and the learning outcomes?

  1. On Your Own: To explore one video-based social media platform, subscribe, and plan how to connect this with your community engagement
  2. With a Team: To create a team that will strategically plan content with you or give you feedback on contents
  3. With Your Community: To film or photograph your community, curate, and post these on your new social media platform