Social Entrepreneurship Series 3: The Story of a 16 year old entrepreneur

This Video is presented by Nikhiya Shamsher on Tedx Talks on their YouTube Channel.

For more information about Nikhiya, please check this article.

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Age is an issue of mind over matter

TedX Talks

Who is the presenter?

Irrespective of her age, faith, and culture, here is a girl who stood her ground and made a change. The founder of Bags, Books, and Blessings, an initiative that collects reusable school supplies, Nikhiya Shamsher is a 16-year-old girl who is showing her compassion in a way that has benefited the children of the country. An inventor, an innovator, a social worker, a budding entrepreneur, and a national archer, she has impressed the world with her resourcefulness.

She has already bagged various awards such as the Diana Award, The National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement 2017, and is on the run for getting the Global Science scholarship for her project about 4-Dimensional Space-Time and Gravity. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

(Source of the description above: Tedx Talks)

What is the presentation about?

Nikhiya Shamsher shares her story as a social entrepreneur. She talks about how schools lack the facilities and resources necessary for quality education in India and how through her initiative, she has managed to create a dent in this education and literary crisis in the country.

What makes this more intriguing is the fact that she’s just 16 years old. With a keen eye for helping people, coupled with a brilliant mind, Nikhiya stands as proof to the quote ‘Age is an issue of mind over matter’. Having found the charitable organization, Bags Books and Blessings, at age 14, she has funded around 4200 students all over India with supplies including books, bags, uniforms, and shoes. Her ‘Yearn to learn’ project has helped set up laboratories in schools where it was needed.

(Source of the Description Above: Tedx Talks)

To do the tasks below and accomplish the learning outcomes, please watch this video presentation or watch via YouTube.

What are your tasks and the learning outcomes?

  1. On Your Own: To scan/survey your community and identify 1 or 2 issues and challenges that can be addressed by a social enterprise and write about it
  2. With Your Team: To brainstorm social enterprise solutions to community problems and identify existing enterprises addressing these problems
  3. With Your Community: To develop a survey to gauge the interest and acceptance to possible enterprise solutions by community members