Social Change Through Sport

Professor Paul Wright will integrate PYLP participants with an undergraduate honors seminar at NIU that is focused on sport-based youth development. The session will begin at 2pm in Anderson Hall (room 248). First, Dr. Wright will introduce the concept of social change through sport, explaining how sport programming can be used to address social issues such as gender equity, disability inclusion, and reconciliation in post-conflict environments. After approximately 20 minutes of lecture and whole group discussion, PYLP participants will be divided into heterogeneous groups along with NIU students for small group discussion (approximately 5 groups of 8). Groups will be prompted to share a little about themselves and talk about sport in their culture. Within these groups, PYLP participants will also be prompted to share examples of social issues that are relevant to their home communities and discuss with NIU students how sport programs do or could play a role in addressing such issues. By 3pm, all will return to the larger group to share examples of topics discussed in each group and have a final debrief. The session will end at 3:15pm. This session will address program goals related to social interaction among PYLP participants, leadership and youth development, strategies to address social change in community programs, and cultural exchange with Americans. 

Themes: Youth Leadership Development 
Understanding and Appreciation of American Culture