PYLP 2019 Events

Week 1: April 14th – April 20th

Monday, April 15th:

Tuesday, April 16th:

Wednesday, April 17th:

Thursday, April 18th:

Friday, April 19th

Week 2: April 21st – April 27th

Monday, April 22nd

Tuesday, April 23rd

Wednesday, April 24th

Thursday, April 25th

  • Cross Cultural Interaction: Peer Interaction Huntley High School
  • OakCrest Retirement Center Volunteer Program

Friday, April 26th

Week 3: April 28th – May 4th

Monday, April 29th

  • #KayaNatinIto: How Can Social Media Empower Youth Activism
  • No Bake Sale: Fundraising Ideas That Work in the Philippines

Tuesday, April 30th

  • Project Proposal Writing
  • Grant Writing Workshop
  • After School Girls Boxing Program

Wednesday, May 1st

  • Work on Action Plans

Thursday, May 2nd

  • Huntley High School Peer Interaction
  • Complete Action Plans
  • Philippine Culture Night

Friday, May 3rd

  • Project Presentation and Evaluation by NIU
  • Community Leaders Panel: Successful Programs in DeKalb