Peace Building Series 4: Peace Education towards Peaceful Communities

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What is the presentation about?

This presentation is developed by IOM-UN Migration on their YouTube here.

Konye Ori is a professor of Conflict and Communication at Independence Community College in Independence, KS, and the director of the Eisenhower Institute for Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution. Konye is a contributor and commentator on peace and conflict and has appeared in various media outlets including the BBC, the Huffington Post, the Africa Report, and Wikistrat. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but was independently organized by a local community. Learn more at TedX.  

Prof. Orl used Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point and the three variables in achieving peace: The Law of the Few, The Stickiness Factor, and The Power of Context.

To do the tasks below and accomplish the learning outcomes, please watch this video presentation or watch via YouTube.

What are your tasks and the learning outcomes?

  1. On Your Own: To summarize Malcolm Gladwell’s the Law of the Few, the stickiness factor, and the power of context
  2. With A Team: To describe communities that promote peace culture and explain the benefits of Peace Education
  3. With Your Community: To organize an Art Workshop on peace and exhibit art work in a public space immediately after