Organizing Community Events

The Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education at NIU has a long-standing relationship with a local middle school. One of the outreach/engagement programs the department has operated for several years is a sport-based field day for the middle school students on the NIU campus. Approximately 300 middle school students will visit Anderson Hall and rotate (in groups of 15-20) through multiple sport/activity stations as varied as yoga, archery, fitness testing, and basketball. PYLP participants, facilitated by Dr. Wright, will be given opportunities to be participants, observers, and co-facilitators in some cases. Debriefing sessions will include discussions of organizational factors involved in planning and implementing an event of this type (transportation, qualified instructors, scheduling, facilities, equipment, communication, back up plans, etc). We anticipate this will be a fun, active, and social experience for PYLP participants as well as an opportunity to increase awareness important aspects of planning and organizing that will apply to their own community organizing objectives. This session will address program goals related to social interaction among PYLP participants, community organizing, and cultural exchange with Americans (NIU faculty and students as well as middle school students). 

Theme: Youth Leadership Development 
Understanding and Appreciation of American Culture 
Civic Education, Community Service, Social Responsibility