Neighbor Project: Sustainability Community Project and Volunteer

The Neighbor Project (TNP) is a nonprofit, HUD-Certified Housing Counseling Agency dedicated to helping low to moderate income families reduce debt, build credit, save and ultimately buy their first homes. TNP Programs help position working families to be the primary drivers of neighborhood revitalization by educating and preparing families to reduce their debt and begin building wealth. At The Neighbor Project, clients always do the work to change their own financial situation. But that work is leveraged, powerfully, through innovative savings programs that help clients reach their goals more quickly and effectively than they ever would alone. Volunteers, churches and donors multiply their neighbors’ efforts—opening the path to true financial freedom. Our model includes everyone. Because we’re all connected and strong and stable neighbors create strong and stable neighborhoods. 

Themes: Community Engagement in Environmental Preservation 

Civic Education, Community Service, Social Responsibility