Leadership Skill Series 3: Building Teams

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To create a team takes time and effort

What is the presentation about?

Bruce Tuckman developed the theory of team building in 1965. Building a team requires effective leadership, good intentions as well as time and effort. For people to work together, they have to be built as a team. The video presents these 5 essential stages of team building: (1) ‘Forming’ Stage of Team Building (2) ‘Storming’ Stage of Teamwork (3) ‘Norming’ Stage of Team Building (4) ‘Performing’ Stage in Team Development (5) The last stage is the ‘Adjourning’ Stage.

To do the tasks below and accomplish the learning outcomes, please watch the video presentation below or watch via YouTube.

What are your tasks and the learning outcomes?

  1. On Your Own: To recruit and create a team of youth for community engagement projects
  2. With a Team: To work with a team and promote this team on social media pages
  3. With Your Community: To recruit other community members to join the team