Digital Literacy Series 2: Digital Footprint

The videos are created by Internet Society on YouTube.

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Digital footprint is simply the data an internet user has created, generated or shared.

Digital footprint can be passive or active.

Internet Society

What is the presentation about?

Video 1: Digital footprints are the things we leave behind when we send an e-mail, use instant messages, share photographs, and comments on social media, etc. All these become our digital footprints. These videos discuss the benefits and costs of using the internet and the four reasons to care about our digital footprints. What are they?

Video 2: Social media is an inevitable part of our lives today. Here are some of the activities we do online. We shop. We connect with people. We network with organizations and communities. We communicate with people. We promote our advocacies. We share our personal lives through pictures and posts. Video 2 presents the dangers of oversharing and the importance of educating ourselves and others about these dangers.

To do the tasks below and accomplish the learning outcomes, please watch these video presentations or watch via YouTube.

What are your tasks and the learning outcomes?

  1. On Your Own: To identify valuable benefits and privacy risks that online applications present
  2. With A Team: To meet with a team, discuss, and decide whether or not the benefits of new technologies outweigh privacy risks, and write a petition letter
  3. With Your Community: To collect signatures for petitions to take a stand on both the benefits and the risks of new technologies.