Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills

As student leaders in the community, there will be times when individual and/or group issues will require conflict management skills to help address concerns. This presentation will focus on different aspects of conflict management, including personal values and values conflict, conflict style, and strategies to identify and address conflict situations. Student leaders will learn about factors that contribute to conflict and concrete steps that can be taken to navigate and manage conflict when it occurs. Cultural considerations in the Philippine and Mindanao context will be discussed and explored as participants increase their understanding of their roles as student leaders with peers, mentors, community leaders, and other community members from both similar and different cultural groups. Informal mediation skills will also be reviewed with practical implications to consider for conflict management. In all these ways, participants will begin to develop and/or build on student leadership skills related to conflict management and mediation. 

Theme: Community Engagement in Peace Building 

Presentation Materials