Community Engagement 1: Additional Resources

A. Here is a list of eight domains of youth engagement:

  1. Youth service: volunteerism, community service, and service learning.
  2. Youth leadership: often developmental in nature, helping youth
    acquire skills to understand and address issues affecting them.
  3. Youth decision making: youth in
    governance or other roles that lead
    to decision making in a community.
  4. Youth philanthropy: giving of one’s
    time and resources for the benefit
    of others.
  5. Youth political engagement: youth
    in civic and political affairs.
  6. Youth organizing: community organizing and advocacy.
  7. Youth media: developed and disseminated by youth.
  8. Youth evaluation and research:
    youth in systematic inquiry into
    issues that affect them and their

For more Information, read this article.

B. 4-H Club is a popular community engagement organization in the US. Below is the sample infographic of 4-H Club in Illinois.

Infographic Credit: 4-H Club of Illinois, USA